Piano Lessons

We teach students of all levels and age, from 4 year old beginners to advanced students who are interested in applying to conservatory, or to those who are interested in reestablishing long forgotten skills. Students are encouraged to compete in local competitions and evaluations, such as NYSSMA, Piano Guild, and the Prima Volta Competition. Our students have placed from first to third in several of these, and we could not be prouder of them! Throughout the year, several recitals are held to prepare the students for any performance opportunity that may come their way.

Ethan plays Beethoven Sonata Op. 10, No.3

Christina and Morgan play Brahms Waltz

Chloe Plays Bartok, Romanian Dances

Troy plays Prokofiev March

Luka plays his first in person recital

Ellie plays Czerny Etude

Steinway Hall Piano Recital, February 2020

These are the highlights from our February 2020 Recital, which took place in Steinway Hall. This recital was for piano students, ages 5-15. If you only have a moment to watch, be sure to skip to the end of the video to hear more advanced students who have stuck with studying the piano over the years!

National Piano Guild Auditions

Fourteen of our students have participated in the National Piano Guild Auditions this year. Everyone passed with very high scores! Please enjoy some of their videos.

Students are encouraged to perform in studio recitals throughout the year. Each student receives a recording of their performance, in order to learn from the experience and also to keep as a memory. After the recital, the kids get dessert and often take part in music related games, and in the process get to know the other kids in the studio who are equally passionate about music. We aim for the recitals to be done in a family friendly, non-threatening environment so the kids don’t feel too stressed and can walk off the stage with a smile!

Eloisa during her piano lesson

Eloisa is our youngest piano student at only 4 years old. Not only she can she play tunes like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and “Old Macdonald Had a Farm”, but she has learned to read music before learning to read!

Katha and Eloisa

Click HERE to see a lot more videos from past recitals and students.