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Chloe Plays Bartok, Romanian Dances

Sophie plays Clementi and Silent Night

Recital Highlights, February, 2018

Recital at Steinway Hall, February 2018


June 2018, Recital Highlights


May 2017, Recital Highlights


February 2016, Recital Highlights


Mackenzie plays Bach and Toogo

This is Mackenzie’s very first recording session. We’re very proud of her for doing so well!


Olivia, Before and After

This video shows Olivia performing after three months of studying with Illya:

After a year, she has improved a great deal! Here she is playing Mozart’s Sonata in C, K. 545. She will continue to excel as she continues to progress in music!


George plays “Clocks”


Concerts for Adults

Adults students are also treated to periodical studio recitals, although separate from the kids! These events are more laid-back, and have more of a feeling of a get-together of friends sharing music.