Listening Homework Winners

Sophie Wolf

Scherzo No. 1, by Chopin

The first part was very fast and it felt to me as a stressful environment which I would picture as follows: 

You walk to the laundry, stressed. You ask for your cloths. She brings it to you quickly. You say thank you and rush out by the door. You run, you are late for the train. Sweat drips down as you run, run and you are very tired but you keep on going. Finally you are at the train station. There is your train. You enter the train, exhausted. There you find a seat. You sit down and you slowly close your eyes and drift off to sleep…

Part II: The music is calm and relaxing and colorful which I describe as follows:

…..You dream of little flowers blooming, blue skies and green meadows. The sun shines bright and butterflies flutter around you. You arrive at your stop and safely go home.

Ellie Ng

“Winter”, from the Four Seasons, by Vivaldi

Part 1: Sounds like a big storm. The quick and loud violin parts are like the wind. The softer steady sounds in the background are the snow falling. The crescendo parts sound like we are trying to run home to get away from the storm. The storm is getting heavier and we cannot run that fast. The wind is blowing us one side and then to another side. Then we finally see home and we are happy and run to it and when we get there we can slow down and feel safe. 

Part 2: We are inside the home and wrapped up in a blanket. We can still hear the storm outside hitting softly on the window and roof. 

Part 3: It is still cold and windy and the weather is bad but getting better in the end. We are looking forward to the Spring time. 

Ryan Saleem

“Troika”, from Lieutenant Kije Suite, by Prokofiev

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack who lived in Germany.  It was Christmas and it was snowing.  Then the boy asked his mother, “Can I go outside?” And his mother said yes.  So he got a sleigh and the town was full of Christmas bells.  Everything was ringing.  Her rode on his sleigh until his mother said “Time for lunch.”  And after he was happily sleighing and another sleigh came and made a big horn.  It was his friend Mike.  And the two friends were happily playing in the afternoon.